A downloadable Guritchi グリッチ for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Warning : contains flashing colors and glitches, don't play if you have epilepsy

A doom-like game made for : A Game By Its Cover Jam :)

Inspired by :


The Game :
You play as Kumi, a gun girl fighting evil glitches.
Destroy your ennemies to the rythm of your vocaloid voice !

Controls :
ZQSD/WASD to move
SPACE to jump (you can double jump!)
Left Click to shoot
R to reload

Team :
Benjamin Blanchard / valgoun @Valgoun16
Cheapcookiez @Cheapcookiez
Guillaume Faguet / boordaf @GFaguet
Valentin Besson https://www.artstation.com/valentinbesson
Joaquim Lancesseur @jolancesseur
Bastien Lepesant https://lepesant.me/

PS : Guritchi is a bit hard, but worth finishing, try to beat the boss  :>

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and launch Guritchi グリッチ.exe


Guritchi-Win64.zip 61 MB
Guritchi-MacOS.zip 66 MB
Guritchi-Linux.zip 66 MB

Development log


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It's got potential But the sensitivity is complete garbage it literally takes 6-7 swipes to make a full rotation. I agree with Astro in adding more music. I don't know the point of the Flaming Skulls because it seems they do little to no damage. over all if you take more time into this fixing some things it could be a decent game.


the sensitivity was a bit crap when i tried to move  ,But overall it was really good! i think a few extra patches will make the game perfect! just an idea but if you have vocaloid or utau maybe you could make some metal vocaloid songs? idk just an idea!

i really liked the visuals but the guns could of used a little work and i'd like it if there were a couple more guns like doom. But dont do these things if you dont want to! just my opinion!

overall really good game! Really underated

I liked the game and the overwall visuals (the effects, simply awesome).

The double jump dindt really get a introduction, right? I had to use it on a way to complex thing but thought I was just too stupid to finsih it

yeah you're right the double jump wasnt explained !thanks a lot for playing our game


Hello! I liked this game. Few bits of feedback in case you want to revisit such a game in the future!

- I had some sensitivity issues. I think it might be my mouse but it was super slow. I fixed it when I manually changed my mouse sensitivity. Would like an option to mess around it. 

- The platforming gems bit was slightly painful cause the turret was shooting through the level geometry. Also the stairs had a bit of area behind it and you can get stuck in it pretty easily. Same goes for Boss. More frustrating than difficult (nobody can hit you there so it's just like - aaah no). 

- Guns felt great but the enemies were bullet spongey. That said I loved the dynamic of shooty guys, and guys that run at you. Those fire guys didn't seem to be able to do anything though!

- Loved the boss. 

I just wish there was more there! But I really did enjoy the feeling of the game. 

Deleted 296 days ago

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was super fun to play, had awesome enemy and level designs as well as great music! I made a let's play of your game here~

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play our game! We'll use your feedback to make an update asap

You're most welcome! Good luck with the game and your future projects! :D


Issues with collision of second levels stairs (randomly get stuck rather than a smooth ascension), same level also has a platform a bit too high to actually jump onto, sadly impeding further progress.

try using the double jump to progress, it should be pretty easy with it :)
thanks for your comment

game wont install or start :(

what is the problem ? you can't start the .exe ?


how do i get this to work

Hey, whats the problem ? You just have to extract the folder and launch the .EXE :)